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Finding a New Home

There’s something weird about visiting a place you’ve essentially never been before, knowing that in just a few weeks you’ll be calling it home. But that’s what I did last weekend, because my job requires me to relocate to a city where I don’t know anyone and that I have only actually been in for a combined total of probably 48 hours or so. It’s a bit scary, but it’s also incredibly exciting.

This weekend had a variety of purposes – chief among them was to find an apartment, which I did with resounding success. But I also wanted to explore the city, see what it has to offer, and get to know the place I’ll soon be living in a bit better.

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When I Set Out to Learn to Use Makeup and Also Learned to Love Myself

I had never been interested in wearing makeup. I tend to sleep in late, press snooze a few too many times, and throughout my prime start using makeup years I never even woke up in time to eat breakfast, let alone paint my face. And I wasn’t insecure about it. Makeup is time-consuming and expensive, I never put that much effort into any part of my appearance, and I was decent enough looking without it that I never felt it was necessary.

But then, college graduation started approaching. And I felt like I needed to start being an adult. And I thought that surely being able to correctly apply makeup is a necessary part of adulting – it’s something women are just expected to do at a certain age. So, much to her absolute joy, I finally allowed my sister to teach me her ways. We spent over an hour on the phone while I tried to pick the right colors and items from a CVS, and then I watched YouTube video after YouTube video to learn how to put it on.

As a result, just in time for my (successful) job interview, I learned. My interview was on a Wednesday. The Sunday before, I tried everything I had picked out with the help of my sister to make sure I knew what I was doing. I made adjustments based on what I liked and didn’t like, as well as YouTube-suggested “interview” makeup, and tried the exact look I was planning for my interview that Tuesday. With just a few other, small changes, I created that look again on Wednesday for my interview.

One thing that surprised me on all three of these days was how much more self-conscious I was of my face with the makeup than without it. I felt like I was wearing too much, like people were judging me for having stuff on my face, like I was faking something. I knew, of course, that most women my age wear makeup everyday and it’s likely that nobody other than me paid any attention to it, but I was still grateful for the day after my interview when I knew I would be able to go bare-faced all day after so many days made up.

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Developing a Budget

I like to believe that my parents raised me to be pretty responsible with my money. I’ve always been careful about spending and big on saving – when I was ten I decided to open my own savings account to make sure I wouldn’t spend too much. However, ten year-olds have way less monetary responsibilities than adults do, and I started to notice a fairly big problem through my junior and senior years of college: I have no idea what I spend.

While the habits that I learned when I was younger still stand – I’m careful about making big purchases, I try to avoid buying things that are unnecessary, and I have a savings account intended for use in college that I haven’t even touched – I have not been doing a good job at tracking my smaller purchases, and those add up.

So, to solve this problem, I decided to develop an budgeting tool to help me figure out how much I’m spending and on what, and then, if necessary, reduce my spending in areas where I might be a bit reckless. Enter Excel.

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Pasta Pie

This was, without question, the coolest food I have ever made. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, the pasta pie.

Pasta Pie Cut Pasta Pie Slice

I found the recipe for this masterpiece here, but I personally don’t believe the author of that blog is even close to excited enough about her creation. This thing was awesome. I don’t even normally eat ground beef, and I ate it anyway for this because it’s just so cool that I had to make it.

So for starters, I expected this to be difficult. Really difficult. “Just think how long it will take to arrange all the rigatoni!” I thought. And, to be completely honest, it did take me about 3 hours and 45 minutes from start to finish. BUT it was worth it. And I’m a slow cook. And I probably should have followed the directions cause I could have easily cut out at least an hour or so.

Here’s what took so long:

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