Pasta Pie

This was, without question, the coolest food I have ever made. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, the pasta pie.

Pasta Pie Cut Pasta Pie Slice

I found the recipe for this masterpiece here, but I personally don’t believe the author of that blog is even close to excited enough about her creation. This thing was awesome. I don’t even normally eat ground beef, and I ate it anyway for this because it’s just so cool that I had to make it.

So for starters, I expected this to be difficult. Really difficult. “Just think how long it will take to arrange all the rigatoni!” I thought. And, to be completely honest, it did take me about 3 hours and 45 minutes from start to finish. BUT it was worth it. And I’m a slow cook. And I probably should have followed the directions cause I could have easily cut out at least an hour or so.

Here’s what took so long:

  1. I grated the parmesan cheese by hand, which took a while for a full cup since I kept stopping to check if I had enough. Also because I tried to grate it into the actual measuring cup. It would have been more efficient to just grate a whole bunch in a bowl and then pour it into a measuring cup once I thought I was close.
  2. I thought that standing up the pasta was going to take forever, so I decided to do that first so that I could focus all of my attention on the sauce. Bad idea because: a) arranging the rigatoni was easy and probably only took about five minutes. I didn’t have to hold it in like I thought I would – they just stood standing on their own, and b) the sauce has to sit and simmer down for about twenty minutes, during which time I was doing nothing when I could have been tossing and arranging the rigatoni.

Other than that, though, I followed that recipe to the letter and not only was it cool looking but it tasted pretty decent as well. Visually stunning for sure, and, as promised in the recipe, it actually held together quite well when we cut it and moved it onto our plates. I was very impressed.

And finally – the health. I expected this to be pretty bad because it had so many things in it, but I added up all the calories as I was cooking and it turned out that 1/8th of my 9″ pie only had 450 calories, which is pretty low for a meal and was adequate for both me and boyfriend. He actually had a little less than an eighth. I didn’t calculate macros, but since there was pasta, beef, tomatoes, and cheese, I’d like to say it was a pretty nutritious meal with a good variety of food groups.

It’s probably not something I would do again without enough people to make sure it all gets eaten (we had leftovers for over a week and it definitely tastes better fresh), and even then only for a special occasion, but man was it cool.


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