Finding a New Home

There’s something weird about visiting a place you’ve essentially never been before, knowing that in just a few weeks you’ll be calling it home. But that’s what I did last weekend, because my job requires me to relocate to a city where I don’t know anyone and that I have only actually been in for a combined total of probably 48 hours or so. It’s a bit scary, but it’s also incredibly exciting.

This weekend had a variety of purposes – chief among them was to find an apartment, which I did with resounding success. But I also wanted to explore the city, see what it has to offer, and get to know the place I’ll soon be living in a bit better.

The good news is that Charleston, South Carolina has great food. To be fair, I cheated a bit and purposely researched “best of” restaurants and then purposely went to those, but still. Boyfriend came with me for the weekend and it was a strong 3 for 3 in terms of really great restaurants and food.

The people also seemed nice – Southern charm is definitely a bit different than the Midwestern charm I grew up with, but it’s way nicer than the East Coast lack of charm I lived in for four years of college. I am thoroughly disappointed by the lack of Southern accents, but I’ve been told I’ll encounter a few if I’m there for long enough.

We also had a few fun adventures. Saturday morning we went to a roller rink, which I have not done in years and was actually pretty fun, despite the rink being mostly empty (because Saturday morning) and skating itself being way more tiring than I remember (perhaps because I’ve been running so much). Saturday evening we ate at a restaurant on and then walked along the beach. It was lovely.

Sunday morning we had brunch downtown with one of my future coworkers and then walked around the city for a bit. Coming from DC I have to admit I’m used to my cities being a bit larger and busier, but it’s something I may be able to get used to.

All in all, weird moving emotions aside, it was a very nice, chill weekend and I’m looking forward to going back permanently. Especially now that I have an apartment I’m thrilled about, some (very basic) familiarity with the city, and a job I can’t wait to start to look forward to.


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