Parking *Too* Close

I decided before I even started work that if possible, I wanted to get there earlier in the day so that I could leave and therefore get home earlier in the day. I’ve been pretty consistent about getting to work sometime between seven and seven thirty, which is about what my goal was, so yay success!

However, most of the people in my office come into work later because they collaborate with people in California who are three hours behind. I think there are people on the second floor who get there early, but at least on my floor and on my side of the building, I am almost always the first person there – by half an hour to forty five minutes. Basically, what I’m getting at is that when I get to work in the morning there are very few cars in the parking lot. And normally that’d be great.

But, I’m not normal and I don’t do normally.

The way the parking lot is arranged seems a bit weird to me for an office building; there are two rows of spots that are directly in front of the building, like against the side walk where the front door is, and then a larger parking lot off to the side. I don’t feel like it should even be an option to park within ten feet of the door to an office building (or any building… it’s like handicapped spots close!), and it freaks me out that since the parking lot is mostly empty when I get to work I could, theoretically, actually do so.

So on the morning of my first day, despite there being a plethora of closer spots available, I parked a row back on the side of the building – maybe like a fifty yard walk from my car to the front door. The second and third days I got a bit braver and parked right against the building on the side, but I still insisted on going in through the (further away) front door rather than the side door that I had parked about fifteen feet away from.

Eventually by my second week I decided to suck it up and parked in the second row in front of the building – so directly in front of it, but not right against the sidewalk. This felt weird, but was fine, so eventually I decided to take it one step closer and park in the front, next to the sidewalk, but toward the end of the row so I’d still be far away from the door.

I’m now at a point where I’m parking about in the middle of that first row, and I’m getting used to it, but it still freaks me out that those spots even exist, let alone that I can park in them. I’m telling you, this lot is weird. I should have to walk further than five feet to get from my car to my office door.

*shakes head*


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