Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Absolutely Wrong First Impression

When you start a new job, particularly your first job ever, you want to make a good first impression. Obviously. And this is something I had been worrying about quite a bit. I wondered if I was making a good impression on my coworkers through email, if I should be emailing them a bit more, if my manager’s frequent checks to see if I had any questions meant I should be asking more than I was, etc. But what I hadn’t considered were the really, really basic things. Things like: don’t forget to bring essential documents to your HR appointment.


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Mastering Habits

A few months ago, I found a list online of “17 Self-Help Books Everyone Should Read.” It turns out there are probably hundreds of lists like this one on the internet, which is why I didn’t link the particular one that I encountered, but when I found myself bored in an airport a few days later, it was that list that I chose to reference when picking out a book. So that’s how, knowing nothing about it at the time, I ended up buying The Power of Habit. And I’m really glad I did.

The book was slow to read at first, and I generally had to read it one chapter at a time because there’s a lot to it, but it was fascinating and I truly believe that if I can manage to put the things it taught me to practical use, it will change my life.

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Why Nutrition Is Hard and What You Can Do About It

If there’s one thing the internet thinks it knows a lot about (other than celebrities), it’s nutrition. It’s practically impossible to spend more than a few minutes online without encountering some form of article, advertisement, or post talking about weight loss or food and what you should eat when and how. All this information can easily be overwhelming, and it’s hard to separate the scientific facts from the latest fads and trends.

As past of my efforts to both lose weight and get proper fuel for my runs, I’ve done quite a bit of research to this end – finding out the real, hard, scientifically supported facts of nutrition. And I’ll get to those throughout a (probably long) series of posts about nutrition fact and fiction. But first, I want to address why there’s so much varying information out there and what you can do to try to separate the bad information from the good.

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