College Football in the South

I missed my post on Friday because I was off on an adventure. A football adventure!

Important context for this story: I went to a school that does not have a football team. I grew up in Big Ten land, but neither of my parents were really into sports so I don’t believe that I had previously been to a college sporting event of any sort, let alone any kind of football game. (There is one exception to both of those rules, and that is the Rose Bowl two years ago, but for some reason that just feels very different to me. Probably because the Rose Bowl is a way bigger deal than any random game. BUT. Moving on.)

For anyone who was not aware, college football is a really big deal in the south. That has become incredibly clear even in just the month that I’ve been in South Carolina so far, from the radio, from listening to my coworkers, from the incredible availability of Clemson and USC paraphernalia everywhere…. Just take my word for it. It’s huge.

So this past weekend, I went to go visit a friend at Clemson for a game. IT WAS INSANE. Seriously crazy. SO. MUCH. ORANGE. Everywhere. I was amazed. Also, the stadium is huge. I’ve even walked by The Big House (at the University of Michigan, the largest stadium in the US) and I was still super impressed that a college could fill a stadium that large. And trust me, it was pretty close to filled.

Also the videos, and the balloons, and the cheerleaders and super sparkly dancers and mascots and oh my goodness, there was so much going on. I took a picture when the football team was running onto the field and they released several thousand (? probably) orange balloons and everyone was screaming and there was so much going on, but unfortunately I took that picture on snapchat and forgot to download it so I can’t share it here. Regardless, it was incredible.

Check plus to Clemson football. Although I do have to say, I’m still glad I went to a school that doesn’t get that into our sports. But it was an awesome thing to do once (or twice).


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