Race Results

I ran a ten mile race on Saturday!

My total time was 1:52:21.48, which puts me at an average pace of about 11:23 min/mi, which was waaaaaay slower than my goal pace of 10:00 min/mi. However, despite my lack of ability to come anywhere near my goal, I still won my age group and ended up earning a free sub from Jimmy Johns! (That was the best part.)

The good news is I’ve been able to self-justify my time through a variety of factors:

  • The race didn’t start until nine am, which is pretty late for a race, and it was already very hot and humid; then I ran for almost two hours.
  • I decided last minute not to bring water with me (in favor of waiting for the stops on the course), which was probably a mistake because of aforementioned heat and humidity.
  • The race was on a trail, while I generally run on sidewalks, and there were more than a few points where I actually had to stop to step over, through, or under things that I couldn’t do while running.
  • I followed a few feet behind another runner for the majority of the first half of the race, in part because he was going a comfortable enough pace that I didn’t feel I needed to pass, and in part because it was easier to follow him than to try to figure out where the trail was myself, and I let him set my pace – which I think was a bit slower than I would have gone otherwise.
  • In the second half, when I was on my own, I actually stopped briefly a few times because I wasn’t certain I was on the right trail and was worried I’d gotten lost.
  • And finally, I’d planned on using Pandora as my playlist which was poor planning knowing it was a trail run – it lost signal at the end of the second song and I ran the remaining 9.5+ miles with no music at all, which is something I’m not used to.

But ultimately, excuses aside, I still only finished 30 minutes behind the first female finisher (not bad for a ten mile run), so I am satisfied with my results. Plus my last mile was the fastest (I stopped for a while to drink water in the second to last):

Racoon Pond Race Results

Even better, I ran nine miles at a 10:15 min/mi pace last Monday so I know my race results were far from my best, and now that I have one trail race behind me I feel much better informed to prepare for my trail half marathon next month. And when that happens, I am confident I’ll be closer to my goal.

(In case you were wondering, yes, that picture is an actual shot of me in action about forty five seconds before I crossed the finish line. Pay no attention to the car key in my leg pocket, there.)


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