Cooking: A Hobby?

Many of my friends and family members, or really anyone who knows how often and how far I run, insist that I’m a runner. So when I talk about not having hobbies, it’s not uncommon for someone to say “of course you have a hobby; you run!” And that’s all well and good, except that I do not consider myself to be a runner. I don’t know why that is – it doesn’t matter how far or fast I go, how many days a week, or how I place in races, I just don’t feel like a runner.

Although I still have no idea why I don’t feel like a runner, I did recently figure out why I don’t consider it a hobby. To me, a hobby is something you choose to do in your free time for your own enjoyment. And while I do choose to run in my free time, it’s not like I’m ever in a situation where I’m sitting around my apartment thinking “hm… I don’t have anything to do right now. I’ll go for a run!” It’s much more “ok, training plans says five miles today; let’s go!”

So that got me thinking – what do I do when I find myself sitting around with nothing to get done? Well for starters I rarely find myself sitting around with truly nothing to do. But. One thing I have noticed lately is that I frequently choose to go out of my way to make things at home that I could more easily have bought from a store.

Wanted bread bowls? Homemade.
Trail mix? Homemade.
Guacamole? Homemade.
Pesto? Homemade.
Mac and cheese? No Kraft boxes for me!

I’m even considering buying peanuts and trying to make my own peanut butter. Or trying to make ravioli from scratch. And while yes, this is in part because it’s a lot easier to control the nutritional content of things I make at home, it’s also because I genuinely enjoy trying new recipes and it’s really cool to be able to say “yeah, I made those cinnamon rolls from scratch. And they’re delicious.” (True story. I did make cinnamon rolls from scratch and they were delicious.)

So, point of story. Next time someone asks what my hobby is I think I’ll finally have one. And cooking is a pretty good hobby to have. 🙂

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