South Carolina Barbeque


Ok, hang on, I’m sorry. I’m getting way ahead of myself here. I haven’t even started the story – I definitely can’t skip all the way to the end.

For some reason I do not understand, I had never had barbecue before I moved to South Carolina. Ok… so I actually do understand it, I’d never had it because I was an exceptionally picky eater as a child and until recently generally avoided meat, but the point remains. I had not ever experienced barbecued food. So as anyone who’s been here would know, South Carolina was a good place to move because their barbecue is amazing.

I had my first taste a few weeks ago when my company put on a labor day cookout, catered by a local BBQ restaurant, and I figured I might as well go all in and try it. I did NOT know what I had been missing. I weep for the lost 21 years of my life without BBQ in it (even though, if we’re being honest, I probably wouldn’t have liked it anyway until recently).

So ever since then, I have been craving some more. Sadly, since I’m still pretty new here, I don’t have many friends that I can make go out to restaurants with me. I’ve thought about finding my own recipes, and eventually I will, but I wanted to experience some more of it the way it’s supposed to be done before I took a crack at making my own. And yesterday, I finally got my chance.

A friend I met at work wanted to hang out, but since both of us are new to Charleston neither of us have a great idea of what there is to do here – other than eat really great food (I have yet to be disappointed by a single restaurant). Therefore, we settled on eating really great food! I picked out a BBQ place near my apartment, saved my calories for the day, and got ready to binge.


I discovered that this place has a drive-through. And so does the place that catered my Labor Day cookout! So the obvious logical trail I’m following here is that, with this new discovery of BBQ takeout, I can get it literally whenever I want. No friends required. AND the portion sizes were super reasonable so I can eat it on any random day without having to save all my calories for it. It was like a dream come true.

I see a lot of South Carolina BBQ in my future. 🙂 Stayed tuned for a recipe or two once I get brave enough to make my own. Also for pictures, because I accidentally left my phone in the car yesterday and wasn’t able to take any.

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