First Official Business Trip

Something very exciting is happening right now. If I hadn’t already said what in the title I might try to create suspense, but since I’ve pretty much ruined that opportunity I’m just going to go ahead and skip right to the meat of it:

I’m on my first business trip ever!

There are a lot of really exciting things about business trips. For starters, I am spoiled rotten. I’m staying in a very nice hotel and all of my meals for the week are paid for – and they’ve been some pretty nice meals. I also got a chance to tour some of our facilities in this location, which are much larger than the ones in Charleston, so that was a very impressive diversion.

Today and tomorrow I’ve spent/will be spending the whole day in meetings (technically one meeting that lasts two days, but close enough) which makes me feel very official because I remember asking my dad what he did when he went on business trips when I was younger and the answer was always meetings. I’m so adult now! Also those meetings have free food, and even though I ate a cookie and a half today, which was a cookie and a half more than I should have, it was very exciting to be getting food for sitting around and listening to people all day.

I’m also one of very few people on my team that got to attend this meeting – my manager is here, as well as the three leads on my team, and then just me and one other coworker. In addition to that, aside from my one other coworker who is about a year older than me, I was by far the youngest person in the room. So clearly I’m just super awesome and qualified. (Not really, but it is still a pretty big honor to have been invited.)

Finally, although I won’t say where, I’m in a really great city and I have been told over and over again that I will get to travel here quite frequently, as well as to a number of other cities where my company is located. I am most certainly looking forward to it. šŸ™‚


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