Nutrition Certification

I’m a bit of an all or nothing person.

When I first started regularly going to the gym back in January, it was a last-ditch, half-hearted attempt at trying to train for a 10K. Then I registered for a half marathon and it became a genuine attempt to train for that. Then I downloaded an app which allowed me to track my runs with GPS, and started to use its calorie tracking function to watch what I ate. And that’s when it got serious.

I began to do research into healthier eating – things like does breakfast really matter (not necessarily) and are low-carb diets really the best (no)? Then I started to wonder what I should be eating before and after I went to the gym. Then I started running outside more and I researched what to wear when you run outside in the cold and what to look for in a pair of running shoes and etc., until I was spending a significant portion of my time just learning things about nutrition and exercise.

Now that I know a lot more I may have found a more balanced way to allocate my time, but I still spend a good amount of time “looking into” things. So, after more than six months of regular Google searches, a few books, and a lot more curiosity, I decided it’s time to become certified. Yesterday I enrolled in an online program to become a Certified Nutrition Coach.

The program will theoretically certify me to act as a nutritionist is South Carolina provided I also get a license, and I’m considering doing so because I actually think I would really enjoy advising people in that way (plus I wouldn’t mind the extra money). However, even if I decide not to set up a business on the side, it’ll be good to have the knowledge that will come along with earning the certification. And the program gives me access to its own nutrition program and a whole bunch of webinars that I can use to keep my information current. I’m very excited about it!

Plus now I’ll have the official certification authority to back up the fact that I’ve done a lot of research and I know what I’m talking about. It’s a win-win all around. 🙂

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