The Aftermath

I ran a half marathon on Saturday.

Actually, I kicked ass at a half marathon on Saturday. The MapMyRun screenshot below shows my splits, but I forgot to stop the timer at the end so my actual clock time was 2:05:55, which meant an average pace of 9:36 min/mile – a full 24 seconds faster than my goal pace, which was awesome.

Lowcountry Half Marathon

It was a bigger race, so unfortunately I did not place this time (I could have won a trophy!), and that was disappointing because based on last year’s times I would have been second in my age group. However, lack of trophy aside, I was only 12 minutes away from age group placing which is honestly pretty cool. And I’m positive that I can drop that from my time before next year, so maybe then. 🙂

The strangest thing about this race was that I have spent literally months preparing for it – I started training in the third week of July, and then began following a pretty strict nutrition plan when I moved into my apartment in Charleston in mid-August, and so a huge part of my life (especially once food got involved!) has revolved around this race for 2-3 months. And then all of a sudden it was just… over. Granted, it was over in the most awesome of ways (i.e. way faster than I expected), but it was still over.

Normally that might put a person in a “what now?” type of state, but fortunately for me I knew exactly what now, and that was food. A lot of it. All of the things I could not have while I was on the training nutrition plan. In huge quantities.

The very first thing I did once I got home (after showering, of course) was drive myself to McDonalds for a Happy Meal and an apple pie. Although the Chicken McNuggets were a bit disappointing, the fries were every bit as delicious and I remembered them being and the apple pie, which I had never had before, was downright incredible. I almost walked back in and bought a second, but I had other plans for the rest of my calories for that day so I refrained.

Speaking of plans for the rest of my calories, let’s take a look at everything I have made since crossing the finish line.


Whole Wheat Autumn Apple Pizza (from scratch)

Autumn Apple Pizza

Granola Bars (which, in my defense, I made for a coworker who recently had a baby and did not eat myself)

Granola Bars (for Dean)

Whole Wheat Challah (one loaf with raisins, one without)

Whole Wheat Challah


which I then used to make Challah PB&J French Toast

PB&J French Toast

A Balsamic Strawvocado Sandwich (see original for a prettier picture of a fully assembled sandwich)

Strawvocado Open         Strawvocado Closed

And Apple Pie Bars (which I shared with my coworkers)

Apple Pie Bars

I was going to bake something tonight, too, but I already have so many sweets and things in my pantry, fridge, and freezer that I ultimately decided I need to focus on eating a few things before I make more. However, I will probably give up on that by tomorrow evening and end up making something else. We’ll see.

In any case, it’s been a really incredible (and delicious) few days. Finishing that half marathon, especially with a time I was so pleased with, made me feel incredible. And all the baking I’ve done since then certainly hasn’t hurt. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. Kelsey

    Congrats on your half marathon!!! That is awesome! I love all of your baking. Like some people are like, “hey, I ran a half marathon! I’m going to a have a cheat meal!”

    And you were like, “ummm, cheat weekend. from scratch.”

    glad I discovered your blog…I feel like we would get along.


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