Grad School

I’m applying to grad school!

I’m very fortunate to work for a company that will fund further education and so I talked to my manager last week and he said he would approve me going back to school in January for the Spring 2015 semester. Yay!

It’s weird to think about taking classes again because I have certainly enjoyed the extra free time, and when I listen to boyfriend talk about all of his homework I’m usually thinking something like “I do not miss that life….” But since before accepting my current job I was enrolled in a five-year BS/MS program, I’d like to earn my masters as soon as possible. Especially since I haven’t yet fully adjusted to the school-free lifestyle.

The program I’m applying to is for Engineering Management, which was the program I was originally going to complete. Unfortunately it’s not at the same school as my undergrad degree, but I picked an online program so that I wouldn’t have to commute and I wouldn’t be geographically tied down to Charleston for the next two years (although it’s looking like I’ll be able to finish this program in a little over a year and a half). And the important part is that I like the focuses of the classes I’ll be taking, not the name on the degree.

I haven’t been accepted yet… but I’m optimistic that I will be and then come January 20 I can get back to textbooks and homework and exams. Wait… why do I want to do this again?

Just kidding. I look forward to expanding my knowledge base. 🙂

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