When I Get Bored and Decide to Go to the Costco

Living alone can get pretty boring sometimes. Work takes up a good portion of my day, and runs use a decent amount of time as well, but even once I’ve done both those things I generally still have several hours of my evening left before I need to go to bed. I often spend that time cooking or baking, but you really only get one chance at cooking an evening (dinner) and I’m trying to cut back on the baking at least until I’ve gotten through all the leftovers from previous baking adventures that are still sitting in my freezer. In other words, I’ve had a lot of free time lately and haven’t really known what exactly I should be doing with it.

Enter Costco.

I just happen to live conveniently right next to a Costco. As in, when I look out my window the first thing I see is the Costco gas station. As in, it takes me about three minutes to walk from my door to Costco’s door. As in, well, it’s really, really close. This is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it’s very easy to quickly run over to the Costco and grab something. It’s a curse because it’s very easy to quickly run over to the Costco and grab free samples. Also because buying things in bulk makes about zero sense for a person living alone in an apartment with limited storage space.

But anyway, back to being bored. I’ve recently found that one way to deal with boredom is to go meander around the Costco. This is a really great way to occupy my time every day of the week except Sunday because they also have, as I already mentioned, free samples. The free samples are hit or miss for sure, some days they have two or three choices and some days they have eight or nine. Some days the samples are good and some days they’re less good. There have even been a few days where I’ve decided none of the samples were even worth trying. But regardless, the process of walking over there, walking through every aisle for the samples, and then walking back usually takes up at least half an hour or so of my evening.

Plus it’s fun! Although it does make me feel like I need to reevaluate my life choices.

So anyway, last week I went to the Costco two days in a row (once after the tarantula incident and once again the next day because I’d been disappointed with their free sample game the evening prior). So I’m walking around, trying all the free samples, thinking about which one I should buy (I always try to pick at least one because otherwise I feel bad for trying all the things), when one of the women manning a sample station looks at me and says, “you’re just here all the time, aren’t you?” Oops. I remembered her from the previous day as well – we’d had a brief conversation about my job because I was wearing something with my company’s name on it. I was a little ashamed, so I told her “I live right next door so it’s really easy for me to come here when I need something,” and then I picked up a box of the product she was sampling and kind of sauntered away. Going to Costco two days in a row is one slightly pathetic thing, especially when it makes no sense for you to be there because you don’t need anything in bulk, but actually being recognized and called out by an employee is pretty bad. I’m sure I’m not the only one who takes advantage of Costco’s free sampling, but still.

And now I think I need to find something else to do with my free time. Because apparently, I have a serious Costco problem. But maybe this can count as a hobby?


One thought on “When I Get Bored and Decide to Go to the Costco

  1. Jake Hennett

    Most of the employees at my local Costco recognize me, but luckily they pay more attention to my son than myself. They love kids, so I’m less important. Makes me feel less bad for being there all the time.


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