My Very First Dinner Party

I’m back!

There’s a very long story regarding my absence to be told in here somewhere, and I may get around to it eventually, but the short version is that I’m working on pulling my life back together and I’m hoping that getting back into regular blogging will be a part of that. I have plenty to write about since I’ve missed so much, so there should be enough to fuel my posts for at least a couple of weeks.

This post is super outdated because what I’m writing about happened like three weeks ago, but it was also super adult so I can’t leave it out! I hosted my very ownvery first, real life dinner party! With real life adults! Whoot!

Seriously, though. Boyfriend came to visit and helped me out with this a ton and as soon as my coworkers and their significant others left we just turned to each other like “man, we are SO adult!”

Which is not to say this dinner party was without its obstacles, because it certainly wasn’t. Like the fact that my apartment is rather small, I live alone so I don’t have that many chairs, I’m a recent college graduate with limited kitchen cabinet space and therefore zero serving dishes, and there was a date change that confused some people so one coworker had to bail while the other forgot and ended up being an hour late, BUT, overall it was still awesome, and that’s what really matters.

This all started because I was talking about being Jewish around holiday time and one of my coworkers became fascinated with Hannukah. She even went out and bought her own menorah! So, since she was so interested, I promised that I would host a Hannukah party in my apartment later that year. It got delayed a bit for a variety of reasons, but eventually I was able to settle on January 2nd, which was a double benefit because it also meant boyfriend would be there to help.

Since it was a Hannukah party it was essential that I make latkes. Although I’ve been helping my mom with them for as long as I can remember, for this party I had my very first go at making them all by myself (well, with some help from boyfriend, of course). Enter another setback. I have a food processor, but it’s just a little mini one that only chops or grinds, so I couldn’t use my mom’s typical method of grating potatoes with a food processor. I tried to grate them myself, by hand, but that ended with me accidentally grating myself instead. There was a brief moment where we thought I might have to get stitches, but fortunately I was able to slow down the bleeding and now, over twenty days later, it’s just a bit red where the large, gaping hole in my hand used to be. Ultimately we ended up walking over to the grocery store and bought some frozen hash browns to use instead. The good news is I was told the latkes were still delicious, so attempt number one at motherless latkes was a success!

I also stole another page from my mom’s book and made baked brie as an appetizer. It was really easy to do – I just bought a wheel of brie, spread some jam on top (more on that in a second), and then wrapped it in Pillsbury crescent dough and baked. It was super delicious and, according to boyfriend, the star of the night. But going back to the jam.

Charleston has a number of plantations and farms and things, so a few weeks ago when my sister came to visit we went to one and then visited the store where they sell the crops  and products they still grow/make. While walking down an aisle filled with jams and jellies and such, I stumbled upon this:

Traffic Jam

I thought it was hilarious, so I just had to buy it. As it turns out traffic jam is just mixed berries – raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries – but it’s also delicious and I’m pretty sure that’s what made the brie so good. So if you’re ever in Charleston, you should check it out.

Finally, because I can never pass up an opportunity to bake and not have to eat it all myself, I made an apple pecan cobbler for dessert. I personally felt it was mediocre, but like the latkes and brie it got some pretty rave reviews so I guess it turned out ok.

Other notable things – I got several compliments on my apartment, which was a plus, and I somehow managed to make the seating work (although two of us had to sit on lowered bar stools which were awkwardly too tall for the table). Everyone seemed to have a great time, boyfriend got to meet coworkers, coworkers got to meet boyfriend, and all in all it was a wonderful success.

Adulting to the max. 😀

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