Business Trip: Second Edition

I got to travel for work again!

Well, that might be expressing a bit too much enthusiasm. I had to fly all the way across the country for a two day long meeting, missed several things at home that I was really excited about, including a homemade pasta cooking class and an aerial class (don’t worry – I made that one up), and felt really guilty about leaving my cats alone for four days. But all of that aside, this was a pretty exciting trip.

For starters, I finally got to meet one of my coworkers with whom I’ve been working pretty intensely for the past five months or so but had never actually met in person (because he’s based in California). I also got to meet a variety of other people from various departments which is great for networking, especially because I’m generally pretty memorable for being the youngest person there, by far. I’m willing to place large bets on my having been the only one there under thirty. Plus I always make a good impression by being generally enthusiastic and actually volunteering to do things, because, you know, young and fresh and also very, very bored. So the people part was wonderful!

Even better, though, I got to get re-heavily involved in a project that has very high visibility and that my manager and my manager’s manager both have a lot of interest in. So that was good too, for obvious reasons. And even though it was literally a two day meeting, and we were at it for nine hours the first day and almost ten the second, we were incredibly productive and it was really gratifying to be a part of something useful, important, and successful. Finally.

What a privilege it is to be able to be a part of these things, especially at my age and level of experience. And the four days of free food didn’t hurt either. 😀 Oh, and the rental car!


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