Circus Strong

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve started taking aerial classes and that’s it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Still totally true on both counts. But now I actually have a decent number of classes under my belt, and I cannot get enough of it. Seriously. I’m going like 3-4 times a week, as often as I can and there are classes available for me to take. And I don’t ever want to stop because it is SO. COOL.

Thus far I’ve taken classes on silks,


and trapeze.

They’re all so awesome that I can’t even pick a favorite. I am 100% seriously considering taking a silk/sling class immediately after a trapeze class today, which will probably be super rough on my muscles, because I can’t decide which one I want to do. I’ve had several more classes on silks and slings than on trapeze, which I’ve only done twice so far, so I’m a lot better at those. However, I’m eager to start getting better at trapeze as well (and to earn back my calluses that I apparently lost despite nine years of gymnastics).

But ANYWAY, I titled this post Circus Strong for a reason. That reason being, obviously, that I am getting super strong. Really fast. And it is so incredibly wonderful and gratifying that I almost, almost don’t even care about losing the weight again anymore because who cares when your biceps are huge and you’re seriously rocking a two pack. (Not even kidding on that one – my two pack looks phenomenal.)

Let’s take silks for an example. I’ve been learning to do a type of climb where you essentially put the fabric on top of one foot and then stomp down on it with the other foot. To climb, you have to put all your weight in your hands, lift your knees into your chest and/or pull yourself up with your arms, and then re-wrap and stomp on the fabric so you’re in the same position as when you started. See beginning of the video below. (I can also do that twisty turny thing she does when she gets to the top, which is even more fun than it looks.)

Obviously that takes quite a bit of upper body strength, and although I was capable of doing it when I first learned, it’s getting easier and easier in every class and I can do it more times in a row with my arms getting less tired. Plus I can actually see the difference in the size of the muscles on my arms!


My right bicep (which is rock hard and looks even better in person)

Or we can talk about trapeze. In our first class we learned two basic ways to get onto the bar: the aerial dancing mount, where you just kick your foot up in front of you and hook it on the bar, then lift the other foot with that support; and the circus mount, where you do sort of half a pull-up, bring your knees into your chest, and then flip yourself backwards to hook both your feet on the bar at the same time. I couldn’t find a video of the first one, but there’s a version of the second below at about 1:44.

The first week we did trapeze I could only do the first mount, and only on one trapeze, because I wasn’t tall/flexible enough to get my foot onto the bar on the other two which were higher up.  The reason for this is that the second mount requires a lot of core strength (and upper body strength, but I actually had that part ok – see above photo). Once your have your knees tucked it’s pretty much all core muscles to get yourself flipped over and your feet on the bar, and I’ve learned in the past six weeks that my core muscles are not in great shape. OR SO I THOUGHT, because this week I was able to do it. 😀 My abs still need a lot of work, but this was such a huge victory and I am thrilled.

So point of story, aerial is awesome and I’m obsessed with it and everyone ever should do it because awesome. And that’s that.

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