I’m Jewish, so it’d be logical to wonder why I’m talking about Lent. The answer is that although I’m Jewish, boyfriend is Catholic, so I’ve agreed to give something up and also fast on Fridays with him for solidarity. All those years where I joked about giving up something like homework for Lent are now coming back to haunt me. 🙂

Last year for Lent I gave up apple juice, which actually turned out to be a great decision because at the time I really loved apple juice and replacing it with water saved me 600-800 calories a day, which I honestly believe was responsible for the majority of my first several pounds of weight loss. And I don’t think I’ve had apple juice at all since.

This year I’m giving up the snooze button.

Why the snooze button, you ask? Well, every morning I set my alarm for 6:00 am with the goal of getting to work between 7:00 and 7:30. Yet, as of late, I’m lucky to make it to work by 8:00 – and it’s not because I’m suddenly doubling the amount of time it takes me to get ready in the morning.

It’s because, rather than actually getting up at six, I’ve developed a habit of laying in bed with my cats in the morning and continuously pressing snooze for an hour or more. Which ultimately messes with my schedule in a variety of other ways since getting to work later means I can’t leave until later.

So solution? No more snooze!

I’m hoping this will have a couple of effects if I do it correctly, the first and most obvious one being that I’ll get to work earlier and therefore get home earlier and have more time to do things in the afternoon/evening. But I also think it could help with my attitude. Part of the reason I lay in bed for so long is that, on most days, I anticipate/dread spending a lot of time at work bored with nothing to do. If I can’t press snooze, I don’t have time for self-pity; I have to just get up and go, and eventually that may lead to feeling less crappy about having nothing to do at my job.

And finally, although counter-intuitive, I’m hoping that giving up the snooze button may ultimately help me to get more sleep. If I know that I HAVE to get up at six, and snoozing isn’t an option, I may be more inclined to get my butt into bed at a reasonable time. And I may be even further inclined not to lay in bed reading crap from the internet on my phone for an hour even once I’ve gotten my butt there.

Or, it could do absolutely nothing and just end up making me extra tired for the next forty days. But here’s hoping!

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