Circus Bruised

Fun fact! If you balance your entire body weight on a 1″ piece of steel, whatever part you’re balancing on is not going to be happy.

Upper Leg Bruises

Sitting bruises

Your body also doesn’t like when you do really fun spins that end in you dropping your entire weight (plus some) onto said 1″ piece of steel.

Knee Bruises 2

Spinning bruises

Even if you don’t always do it on the same side.

More spinning bruises

More spinning bruises

It especially doesn’t like when you tie your foot up in fabric and then use the knot you’ve tired around your foot to support your entire body weight.

Foot Bruises

Foot lock bruises

And speaking of fabric, it really doesn’t appreciate when you hang your entire body from a loop around your thigh.

Butt Bruises

Hip key bruises

But it sure does appreciate you getting stronger.

This is a thing I can totally do.


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