Look, I’m writing about something that’s not aerial! It’s almost as if I do other things occasionally (which I totally do – I go to work, do my homework, eat, and sleep!). Incidentally, this “story” is about work.

For the past several months, I have been working with a team to develop a new process which allocates funding for emergent, unplanned work. It was the reason for my last business trip, it typically involved having four (or more!) meetings a week, and it was generally a massive part of what everyone on the team has been doing for most of 2015. More importantly, though, we officially released the process on April 1st and it has been a huge success.

So today, we all got an award!

Specifically, we got a large cash award. Which is both awesome and unexpected. Apparently employers like it when you do your job successfully. Who knew, right? šŸ™‚

Meanwhile, everyone I worked with (all quite a bit older and more experienced than I am) keeps insisting this is the best team they’ve ever worked on. So I’m just over here with my cash, hoping I haven’t peaked at 22!

Here’s to proceeding to spend all of that money on aerial. (Because let’s be honest, everything else is pretty much secondary at this point.)



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