Color Run

I did a color run last Saturday!

For those who don’t know, color runs are races (generally 5k, generally untimed) where you get colored powder thrown at you in the middle of the course. In this case, there were four colors (yellow, pink, orange, blue) throughout the race and then glitter at the finish line. Then at the after party they give you even MORE powder for “color throws” where everyone just throws their powder up in the air and it gets all over everything.

Also, it was raining. So there was that.

I think my shoes are a pretty great summary of how it went:

Color Run Shoes

Fortunately I was badly in need of new running shoes anyway.

The race started pretty miserably because it was cold and the rain was a steady sprinkle, so you were just wet enough to be uncomfortable but not quite wet enough where it seemed like a good enough excuse to skip the race. We thought it would get better once we started running, but it actually got worse first because we hadn’t worked hard enough yet to warm ourselves up and the movement created a breeze.

This was my first time running in the rain, though, and I have to admit that it made me feel pretty badass. Not sure if it’d be worth doing again, but I don’t regret it.

Because it was wet, the colors ended up “melting” all over everything rather than staying a powder like they normally would. So while the race did offer what appeared to be people with leaf blowers to help you “dust” off, it didn’t seem like it would be much help since by the time we left the colors were more died into us/our clothes than just sitting on us. It looked like this:

Color Run Self

Surprisingly, most of the color came out of my clothes with just one wash! My shirt (which started white) is a little pink, but everything else is pretty normal. What was MUCH harder, though, was getting it out of my skin. I was able to get most off in my first shower with a little extra scrubbing, but I was still pretty blue tinted for a day until I got a chance to shower again – this time with a mixture of Dawn dish soap and baking powder, which fortunately got almost all of it off. Although it still took a lot of scrubbing.

In any case, even with the extra showering it was a lot of fun and definitely worthwhile. It’s absolutely something I would do again!


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