New Vacuum

Ok, guys. This is going to sound ridiculous, but I bought a new vacuum yesterday and it’s so awesome that I just have to talk about it.

First of all, I got this baby on sale. I had seen reviews for this particular vacuum and it seemed to be the gold standard of somewhat reasonably priced vacuums, but at $200 it still felt a bit steep. So I headed to Target intending to buy a different, lesser vacuum for $120. I was about to grab that one when suddenly I turned around and saw it:

THIS vacuum, the Hoover Windtunnel Pro 3, was on sale. For $140. And at that moment I knew that it was meant to be.

But let me back up a moment.

Vacuums are really, really important for me because I have two long-haired cats and mostly carpet flooring, which is just another way of saying there is cat hair EVERYWHERE. ALWAYS.

Hair shedding culprit #1

Hair shedding culprit #1

Hair shedding culprit #2 - hiding from the vacuum in question

Hair shedding culprit #2 – hiding from the vacuum in question

The vacuum I had before had been on the fritz for a while, but after my tax refund last week I decided it was finally time to replace it. So I did my research and looked for the best pet-specific vacuums. The Hoover I ended up buying came highly recommended, but it was a little on the pricey side, so I ended up settling on an alternative I saw on the Target website.

Little did I know, the Hoover would end up being on sale and I’d be able to get it anyway. And it was probably the most exciting moment of my week. (This is how I know I’m an adult now.)

EXCEPT NOT, BECAUSE THEN IT GOT EVEN BETTER. I took that vacuum home, unpacked and assembled it, and decided to take it for a test ride. It.was.awesome. Seriously, the most pleasurable vacuuming experience of my life – and my apartment started as a disaster because my previous vacuum was broken and I hadn’t been able to clean the floors for a couple of weeks.

Proof that my floors were badly in need of vacuuming


Sadly, that picture above was taken after one pass through of my less than 800 square foot apartment. Except it’s secretly not sad at all because it picked all of that up in just one go! With my old vacuum I’d have to run over the same spot on the floor multiple times – not so with this fellow. I just did one single pass over every area and in less than ten minutes I was completely done.

Other notable and exciting features include a button-activated retractable cord, several fancy tools, and a hose that’s securely attached to prevent it from falling out of its intended place while you’re vacuuming.

The only downside was that the canister empties from the bottom, which was less than ideal since nearly everything in my canister was cat hair and therefore not particularly heavy and/or susceptible to gravity (yes, I realize that is incorrect science). Fortunately I keep rubber gloves around for exactly this purpose, so after the initial shock of dumping some of the contents all over my hand when I went to open it (probably will be avoidable in the future now that I know what to expect) I was able to get it all emptied out. It is also a bit heavy, but I figured that’s just more opportunity to get stronger, so I don’t mind.

In conclusion, had I been able to test it beforehand I absolutely would have paid full price for this vacuum. But I’m still super excited that I got it on sale. 😀

New Vacuum

And you’re welcome Hoover (and Target) – you have now reached my entire blog audience of approximately ten people.

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