Business Travel 3.0

I’m traveling again!

Except this time it’s way less exciting – partly because with all the traveling I’ve been doing to visit boyfriend in Wisconsin I am beyond sick of airports and airplanes, partly because I think the initial “wonder” has worn off, and partly because I’m not traveling with any of my teammates this time so I anticipate it being a bit lonelier than my past travels. Which is fine, really, cause it means I get to spend more time in my room practicing poi (more on that later this week), but it’s still a very different experience.

So. Notable things that have happened so far this trip:

  1. I had a layover in the Houston airport, which I think is a new airport for me! That’s exciting because I’ve been in a lot of airports.
  2. I got a rental car that I much, much prefer over the rental car from my last trip. This one has a regular turn key so I didn’t have to spend twenty minutes trying to figure out how to work the button! Whoot!
  3. I discovered that Blackberries have the worst GPS system in the history of ever. In the whole drive from the rental car place to my hotel it never spoke to me – just made a whole lot of obnoxious beeping noises which appeared to indicate literally every possibility (e.g., “turn here!”, “get ready to turn soon!”, and “hey, you turned at the right place!”). It was not a very safe way of GPSing, but my personal phone was dead so I had no other alternatives. Fortunately it was only a six minute drive or so.
  4. The wheels literally broke off of my suitcase. I don’t even know how that happened, but I’ve been meaning to get a new one anyway so I guess this is just an additional sign that I need to do that ASAP. Maybe I’ll be able to find some time to do it while I’m here.
  5. This Embassy Suites is way swankier than the one I’ve stayed in on business trips to other places. I’m a fan. Even though it has less empty space for poi spinning.

Fortunately this trip is short (I’m leaving Thursday morning), but unfortunately I’m leaving for Michigan to be supportive at boyfriend’s Formula One Competition for three days. I’m sure it will be awesome and I’m excited to go, but I’ve traveled so much this lately that I just want to be at home with my kitties.




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