I’ve been trying to find ways to be more active and since my aerial gym is only about four miles away, biking there seemed like an easy one. The only trouble was I didn’t actually own a bike. So I bought one!


It’s certainly nothing fancy – just a cheapish one from Target – but I’ve now had the opportunity to bike to class three times and, while the route is basically just an extended adventure into not getting hit by cars (even though I’m slow enough that I ride on the sidewalk), I definitely feel like it’s making a difference. It’s nice to add some cardio into my routine, and even more importantly, get some strength back into my legs.

Not that aerial doesn’t use my legs – it does, some. But my lower body has always been my powerhouse, and now that my upper body is getting really strong I feel like my legs are sometimes a limitation in skills I’m trying to do and I don’t like it! I’ve been intending to run more, and I still want to, but it’s hard to find the time between work, grad school, and five to seven aerial classes a week. Biking to aerial is a great way to fit something in – even though it takes a bit longer than driving, for obvious reasons. Plus I figure the more I do it the faster I’ll be able to go.

And now when I need to run to CVS (just over half a mile away) for one quick thing and I kinda want to walk but I don’t think I have enough time to make it there and back before dark I can bike instead and be less lazy than driving but still be quick enough. That’s an additional plus. 🙂

Annnnnd this is my first ever adult bike. So there’s that. Yay adult!

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