My First Wedding

No, I don’t mean MY like that. I was not the one getting married. And technically, it wasn’t really my first. But it was the first time that any of my friends got married and the first wedding I’ve been to in recent memory, so I feel like it’s close enough.

Anyway. A few weekends ago I flew home to go to the wedding of one of my very good friends from high school and quickly realized how completely unprepared I am for weddings.

Actually, if we’re being honest, I realized that long before the wedding even started – back when I first came to the realization that I had no idea what to wear.

(This, in case you were wondering. And no – I don’t look like that. That’s the model.)

Just for fun, let’s make a list of things I didn’t know about weddings:

  1. What to wear
  2. How early to arrive at the ceremony
  3. Whether or not you’re actually supposed to stand when the bride comes in (yes)
  4. What actually happens in a Christian wedding ceremony
  5. That not everyone writes their own vows
  6. What it meant when the program said “the bridge and groom will dismiss you” (gave nearly every person there a hug before allowing them to leave the pew, which was a nice touch)
  7. When to arrive at the reception
    1. Bonus: That the bride and groom wouldn’t bother to show up at the reception until an hour and a half after it’d started
  8. That apparently it’s customary for the entire wedding party to sit at a raised, straight table on the dance floor instead of at a normal, round table like everyone else
  9. That hitting your fork/spoon against your glass is to ask the bride and groom to kiss, not to make a toast

And those are just the things we actually SAW! I also didn’t know anything about this whole garter tradition (other than that the bride typically wears one), and wasn’t sure if throwing flower bouquets was a thing people still actually do (apparently it is).

The good news was I didn’t have to be in this wedding, so I didn’t have to be all that prepared. But I did learn I definitely need to go to more weddings before I try to plan my own… and if someone asks me to be a bridesmaid anytime soon, I’m screwed.

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