Cleaning Out the Kitchen

After my half marathon, I lapsed a bit in the food that I was buying (read: bought more crap in addition to the healthy things). When I started spending all my time at aerial, I lapsed even more and started buying more quick, easy things and fewer fresh ingredients since I had less time available to cook. About two months ago, as I started to get really serious about trying to get back on track and lose some weight, I realized that this was a problem.

So, I took some drastic measures. I avoided going to the grocery store for a month and a half and instead dedicated my efforts toward eating all the unhealthy crap out of my kitchen. It was rough.

To be honest, it was rough for a few reasons. The first is probably relatable to anyone who’s ever tried to clean out their kitchen before (when moving, for example) – I spent about three weeks in that “I don’t really have the stuff to make a coherent meal right now but I still need to eat” stage. I had to get really creative there. One Sunday I made cheese stuffed Pillsbury crescent rolls and that was my breakfast for the entire week. I also used couscous as a substitute for rice in my chicken pineapple  teriyaki lunches for a week.

I also really, really missed healthy foods, which was not a side-effect I did not expect. Since fruits and vegetables spoil, they were the first things to go; after that I was mostly eating grains, cheese, and occasionally meat. A month or so in I would have killed for a salad or some fresh fruit.

Additionally, my crap:healthy food ratio was so out of wack that I legitimately felt bad. Just sluggish and tired and icky and, well, crappy. I sort of knew that would happen, but I figured since I hadn’t noticed how crappy I felt before I started eating healthier I might not notice it when I stopped. I definitely noticed.

The good news is when I finally did get to the grocery store it felt like the greatest day of my life. I planned out a series of excellent meals for the week with lots of fresh ingredients from every food group and was thoroughly pleased with every single one of them. And within two to three days I was already feeling significantly better.

Even though I’ve had to invest more time in cooking again, and my aerial schedule means I often don’t eat dinner until nine or ten and don’t make it to bed until midnight, it’s 100% worth it to be eating real, healthy food again. Now I just have to figure out how to get enough sleep!

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