New Task

So I got a new assignment at work yesterday.

I’ve been my manager’s go-to metrics person for my group for quite some time now, so there are a couple of presentations I have to put together every month. This month, my manager was on vacation when I had to do them so he asked me to send one of them to my director for approval. It’s important to note here that due to a recent org change, my director is actually my boss’s boss’s boss.

That in itself wasn’t a huge deal. I make these presentations every month, and I’ve met my director before, so I felt like I had it mostly under control. When my director started asking me for additional metrics I started to worry a bit more, but they were easy to compile so I still was only mildly concerned.

Unfortunately, that was short-lived.

Yesterday my director emailed me the report I had compiled for him the previous week and asked if I could send it to him every Friday. It’s a bit of extra work, but nothing too horribly challenging, so I put together an update and sent it again. He asked for a few changes and I sent him back a few more versions. Then, once he was finally satisfied, he dropped the bomb.

“Could you please forward this to my leadership team and then continue to send it to them weekly from now on?”

Full panic had officially set in. His leadership team is his direct reports, which primarily consists of senior managers. I’ve met many of those managers, but there are a few I haven’t and regardless they are all fairly important and relatively powerful people in my organization. I’m confident in my ability to make the report, but I am definitely not confident in my ability to properly compose an email to send a group of senior managers on my director’s behalf. Every week. From now on.

The good news is I have a very understanding coworker who was happy to help me with my email writing “crisis,” and I know sending a weekly email to these people will provide some pretty good visibility. I also know it makes my manager look good since I’m one of his direct reports, and that’s always a plus.

Ultimately this is really a good thing. But I’m still pretty nervous.


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