I’m Not Afraid

Earlier this week I found myself sitting in the middle of a sea of spiders. And no, it wasn’t a nightmare and I’m not going to end this story with “and then I woke up”. It actually happened, in real life. And I survived.

My aerial studio is in a warehouse in South Carolina, which means bugs often get in. Including spiders. I’ve seen spiders there before, and dealt with it, but nothing quite like this.

Tuesday evening I showed up for class and went to go sit by my friend on the floor. While we were talking, I noticed the floor (which is gray and purple foam) had a ton of brown spots on it. I leaned in closer to figure out what they were, and lo and behold, I discovered they were small spiders. And not only that, but I realized there were even more of them than I had originally noticed.

So in other words, I found myself sitting in the middle of a sea of spiders. As I said.

Naturally, I turn to my friend. “Are you aware that there are, like, a million spiders here?” Apparently she’d noticed one or two of them, but thought they were dead and so she just moved a bit away from the one or two she’d seen. Now that I’d pointed it out, she realized there were, in fact, like a million. We suspect there was an egg sac that exploded and resulted in lots and lots and lots of baby spiders.

It then occurred to me that I may have sat on one (or more), so I stood up and looked for squished spiders where my butt had been. Fortunately I didn’t see any, but I decided to go and check the other side of the room to see if it would be more safe to sit over there. I found one spider, but decided that yes, this would ultimately be safer.

By this point we’d called attention to ourselves and our teachers started asking us what was going on. We explained the spiders and they decided it would be a good idea to get rid of them, so they got out the vacuum, vacuumed them all up, and then sent the teacher who was not afraid outside with the trash can to empty the vacuum canister and put the trash bag in the dumpster. Crisis averted.

The important thing about this story, though, is that I literally found myself in the middle of a mass of spiders and I remained calm, did not freak out, did not panic, and did not have a heart attack and die. This is truly somewhat of a miracle. One of the girls who was there even commented that she’d have no idea I used to be so arachnophobic because I was so calm.

So basically, I am an awesome conquerer of fear (and spiders).

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