I like animals. Like, really, really like animals. Especially baby ones. Especially baby, furry ones. Especially baby, furry ones who are CLIMBING ON MY LAP.

Baby Goats 2

Please excuse the awkward cropping I had to do here to maintain my no face pictures rule.

I spent last weekend in St. Louis and boyfriend took me to Grantt’s Farm, which is the Anheusur Busch family’s private zoo/collection of animals. They had a whole bunch of things including kangaroos, turtles, camels, llamas, elephants, horses, and… GOATS. Specifically, baby goats that you can feed milk to for a dollar a bottle.

And those goats were REALLY excited about the milk.

Baby Goat

Basically, this was the best day of my life because A GOAT CLIMBED ON MY LAP.

Baby Goats 1

In this one he’s eating my hair, just like my cat does.

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