Body Confidence

This is a topic that I’ve covered a lot, because body image is something I’ve struggled with for many years. The first time I went on a diet I was in seventh grade (and nowhere near overweight), and I’ve fought a near constant battle over my self-image ever since, as I believe most people do nowadays.

But lately, I have to be honest, I’ve been checking myself out in the mirror everyday. Sometimes several times a day. Definitely when I’m changing so I can admire my new muscles; I’m pretty sure this adds at least a couple minutes to my getting ready time in the morning. And I’m not going to be ashamed of it.

Why? Because I look damn good.

I’ve already covered how being able to do awesome things will make you feel awesome about your body, and I’ve acknowledged that actually looking better helps a lot in the making you feel better about how you look department, and both of those things are still very true. And both apply in this situation because I’ve lost a lot of the weight I gained back last winter and my body can do some pretty amazing things now that I’ve been going to aerial classes six days a week for many months.

But. But but but. Now it’s better than it’s ever been before. I can’t even decide what my favorite part of my body is. Is it my rockin’ two pack? My super deep forearm crease? My equally awesome bicep-deltoid crease? My huge biceps? My badass calves? There are so many parts of my body I’m proud of that I didn’t even list.

In high school if you asked me my favorite body part I would have said my eyes. And I still really like my eyes. But back then, they were pretty much the only body part I liked. Now… I’m thrilled with all of me! I’m even proud of the little stomach pooch that’s hiding my bottom four abs because I can tell it’s so well defined because of the muscles underneath.

So you know what? Yeah, I look awesome. And I’m going to keep striving to look more awesome. But you can bet I don’t feel ashamed for thinking I look good. I worked hard for it!

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