I’m a twenty-something recent college graduate with my first full-time job, trying to navigate the responsibilities that come with being a “real person” – someone who is expected to be fully in charge of his/her own life. The following represent the major steps I think are important for being an adult, and therefore the categories my blog is sorted into:

Be Healthy

  • Do Your Research – It’s easy to get sucked into fads or make changes based on misinformation when you’re trying to get healthy, which is why it’s important to make sure you know what you’re talking about. Here’s where I’ll post what I’ve learned.
  • Stay in Shape – Covering most of the parts of actually being healthy, including losing/maintaining weight, building muscle, and attempting to establish a regular cardio routine.
  • Eat Well – Because food is delicious and I am trying to cook real things, with recipes! Anything yummy that I make will be posted here, and maybe the occasional find from a restaurant as well.

Be Happy

  • Have Adventures – A place for any random stories or fun experiences that I think are worth sharing. In other words, these posts cover more of the personal side of my life and are not necessarily related to being responsible or an adult.
  • Find Your Passion – In order to truly be happy, I believe you have to find what you love and do it as often as you can. This is my journey to find my passions and engage in them.
  • Believe You Can – Because confidence is the most important part of rockin’ it, and I think most people (myself included) could use a little more of it. A collection of all those “I feel pretty awesome” moments, and an attempt to make them happen more often.

Be Successful

  • Work Hard – I wouldn’t be a real person if not for my job, so here is where I’ll navigate the territory that comes with a full-time position. Anything and everything work-related can and will fall under this category.
  • Spend Responsibly – Let’s be honest, financial responsibilities are the scariest part of being a real person. Here I do my best to figure them out.
  • Aim to Improve – I’ve decided to devote half an hour a day to making myself a better person. This is widely open to interpretation – it could be reading a self-help book, catching up on the news, or even learning a new language, but whatever it is that I’ve been up to you’ll be able to read about it here.

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea what I’m doing. Take my thoughts into account at your own risk.

Note: This blog is updated on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule.

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