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I was actually going to try to diversify my posting topics a bit, I swear, but then I had the best aerial day ever yesterday, and then another super good aerial day today, and I’m so excited that I just have to write about it. I’ll talk about something else another time.

So yesterday I passed my climb test, and then I did two inversion progressions on silks, and then I successfully pulled off a seahorse on trapeze. And today I got a push me, pull me on silks! All of these are things I have been trying and failing at, so it was incredibly vindicating to finally succeed.

But, since not everyone who reads this is as obsessed with aerial as I am, let’s talk about what those things actually are.

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Homemade Praline Butter

Let me start by saying that there is nothing healthy about this. It’d be like calling carrot cake healthy because there are carrots in it and carrots are a vegetable; it just doesn’t work that way.

Let me second start by saying that if you don’t know what pralines are, I’m sorry. You should get yourself to the south (Charleston, Savannah, and New Orleans are good options) and get one as soon as possible because you are seriously missing out. I regret the first 22 years of my life that were tragically pralineless.

And now that we’re covered the basics, it’s time to get serious about praline butter.

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Teaching Nutrition!

I get to do something really exciting tomorrow! A women’s empowerment group at my office is hosting a healthy holiday recipe potluck and, because I’m about two days away from being a Certified Nutrition Coach, I get to spend a whole hour talking about nutrition and healthy eating!

My actual presentation will only be about half an hour, and then there will be half an hour for questions, but I am very, very excited to have my first opportunity to share everything I’ve learned with a broader audience than… boyfriend, really. See my beautiful presentation at this link. 🙂

(There aren’t a whole lot of words in it, because I believe that’s bad presenting, but it *is* mostly self-explanatory and also really pretty, so there’s that.)

Helping People

Ok, I know, a ton of people say they’re passionate about helping people. And that’s awesome, because frankly people need a lot of help, but I’m taking this in a slightly different direction. Actually, “Helping People” probably wasn’t the best title for this post, but if I change it now I’ll have to erase this entire paragraph and start over again, so I’m sticking with it.

What I really mean is – I think I’ve discovered that I really enjoy sharing my knowledge, which will hopefully then ultimately help people. Or put less abstractly, now that I’ve learned so much about nutrition/weight loss, experienced so much of my own success, and watched my sister go through a really phenomenal beginning to the same process, I really just want to teach everyone everything I’ve learned.

In retrospect, starting a blog with the intention to share much of what I’ve learned (among other things) probably should have been a good hint that that’s the case.

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