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I Passed!

Ages ago I mentioned that I had enrolled in an online course to become a Certified Nutrition Course. And while I got through all of the course material sometime in early to mid November, I hit that weak point before I actually took my second certification exam and had been putting it off (despite its presence on my to-do list) for literally months.

But, on Saturday night I finally got around to taking that exam and… I passed! So I am now officially a Certified Nutrition Coach. 😀 I would add a picture of my certificate here, but I haven’t received it in the mail yet so you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

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Nutrition Certification

I’m a bit of an all or nothing person.

When I first started regularly going to the gym back in January, it was a last-ditch, half-hearted attempt at trying to train for a 10K. Then I registered for a half marathon and it became a genuine attempt to train for that. Then I downloaded an app which allowed me to track my runs with GPS, and started to use its calorie tracking function to watch what I ate. And that’s when it got serious.

I began to do research into healthier eating – things like does breakfast really matter (not necessarily) and are low-carb diets really the best (no)? Then I started to wonder what I should be eating before and after I went to the gym. Then I started running outside more and I researched what to wear when you run outside in the cold and what to look for in a pair of running shoes and etc., until I was spending a significant portion of my time just learning things about nutrition and exercise.

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