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Jump Right In

I have been officially employed for exactly nine working days. The first two days were orientation and I didn’t even make it into the office. Then I spent the next two days half in meetings and half with my manager, who had flown in to Charleston just for me. Then I took a day off to move into my apartment, and the day after that I was pretty much 100% booked in meetings. So in other words, today was really only the third day that I was able to actually do anything other than orientation or meeting coworkers.

And that’s what makes this all so exciting. This all being, specifically, that today I got to do something that actually added value for the first time! And I have lots more planned!

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The Absolutely Wrong First Impression

When you start a new job, particularly your first job ever, you want to make a good first impression. Obviously. And this is something I had been worrying about quite a bit. I wondered if I was making a good impression on my coworkers through email, if I should be emailing them a bit more, if my manager’s frequent checks to see if I had any questions meant I should be asking more than I was, etc. But what I hadn’t considered were the really, really basic things. Things like: don’t forget to bring essential documents to your HR appointment.


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